Maybe God wishes to teach me a thousand new things, move me from being in a thousand different directions to just ONE, and show me a thousand reasons to BLESS his name. Maybe that is why He moved me 1,000 miles away.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It was a good run.

Nearly 8 years of homeschool and our oldest is now attending "formal school".
We are thankful for God providing a wonderful Christian school for her to attend, and so far a smooth transition.
Some of my favorite memories of homeschooling through the 8 years with Chloe:
~making super long timelines on butcher block paper
~listening to tons of audiobooks on nearly all car rides in the elementary school years
~making a cleopatra costume
~Eating lunch outdoors at Byerlys!
~Art class with the Westriches
~nature walks at Elm  Creek
~Ending school early to spend a week at the cabin
~Sleeping in late
~Becoming well read by reading to her all those great Sonlight books
~Forcing Jackson to talk to Leela and give her his passport.  That was fun for us, but not so much for him!
~Making the tabernacle and eating Chinese food
~Laughing every day
~Tons of singing and dancing in the kitchen

Most of all, being a part of every day together:  learning to love through the good days, the bad days, the sick days, the sick of school days, the new babies, the new curriculums, the new jobs, the new homes and all the good things that hard challenges can develop in us.

I've loved it and would not have done it differently....but I know it is time for something new and look forward to all that this new chapter will bring to our lives.