Maybe God wishes to teach me a thousand new things, move me from being in a thousand different directions to just ONE, and show me a thousand reasons to BLESS his name. Maybe that is why He moved me 1,000 miles away.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tell us Rod......what is behind the curtain????


After 54 days of the Kids and I living without our own set of wheels, I am exuberantly happy to report that we are traveling to Northern New Jersey on Friday to acquire our 2006 Chevy Suburban !

Oh you and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles, cruisin' to 7-11
for a bag of Frito-Lays!

Oh you and me in our Sport Utility Vehicles, we'll slam into 4
wheel drive, and pick up a dozen eggs.

And if there ever was a snow... y'know.A really really deep snow... And if
everyone was stuck but us - We'd be the ones not stuck - Then we could be the
heroes. - We could be the heroes. - Yeah we would be the herooooooos.. - We
would push them and pull them.... - push them and pull them... - Push them and
pull them right out of the snooooooooow.

No more evenings picking up Roy from work on the days I need the car! No more waiting outside his office while the gangster cars and wandering people cause me to clinch in fear with the doors locked. No more longing for the luxury to go to the grocery store on a weekday when the crowds are minimal! No more dreaming, I will soon have my own set of wheels. Wheels of my very own.....


rumpfork said...

Well then, Disney World might as well close up shop cuz Mickey's got NOTHIN' on those singing cows!

Congrats on the new car! I wish I had sent Flat Stephanie to you..we could have made you bring her to Jersey too & got a "2-fer". I guess bringing her to the delivery room will have to be enough. :) Enjoy your new, although brief, freedom!!

Kerri said...

Would it work to scan Flat Stephanie and we print her out and cut her out?

rumpfork said...

Ha ha! That's an awesome idea. Although I don't know if it's cheating since flat stephanie would not actually be traveling. On the other hand..this is the technological age. She is traveling through cyberspace right? I'm gonna send her & see if Jenna's ok with it.

2and2is6 said...

YEAAHHHHH! You got a car- and a big one- you'll love it- well- not the gas mileage or the lovely parking maneuverability- but oh the space!!!!!!! Jordyn laughed as she read your song- "such a Chloe thing to do" shouldn't it be the other way around? We tried calling tonight but it just rang and rang- would love to chat!

pw said...

Yeah, your mobile. You've wished for this kind of ride for a while. No more soccer momish car for you.

'Course it might look like a clown car with all them kids pouring out.

Kerri said...

watch what you say....there is a gal who reads this blog (I think she does...) who has 5 boys pouring out of her suburban! Talk about a freak show! ( just kidding..Julie!)