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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Like storm clouds on the horizon....

Hockey Season Begins.

It is still August, but here in PA the official hockey season has begun. August. Hockey in the summer? I don't think even the Canadians are this insane! Minnesota and Michigan are the big hockey states, and they wait until mid October to get the team rosters together and start carving the ice. I am not sure why hockey begins so early, and it is a shame as it cuts into fall activities and sports that many boys would like to play.

So, as we all gear up for another season of action and fun, I have decided to psych up myself with my version of "you might be a hockey parent..."

You might be a hockey parent if......

~your e-mail account has hockeymom or your child's number somewhere in it.

~you upgrade from a minivan to a suburban so you can fit your son's hockey bag in the back.

~you clock the miles to tournaments and take bets on which will be lower, the fees or the mileage.

~your husband knows all the names of the kids your son has ever played with and their birthdays, but doesn't know the names of the neighbor's kids and hasn't a clue the birthdays of your neices or nephews.

~you plan the birth of your next child so it lands just prime for the hockey cut-offs.

~you rush home after each game (and practice) to enter the stats in your own computerized spreadsheet.

~you simply cannot relate with a parent of a soccer player.

~you find yourself stumped when trying to open a conversation with a family that doesn't play hockey.

~you walk around the house humming "hockey rock"tunes.

~you trip over hockey gear on your son's floor, which is only picked up when it is loaded into the bag for the next practice.

~you no longer find the smell of his equipment "offensive".

~your other children have acclimated to the hockey rink climate and no longer require winter coats, hats, or gloves when the temperature is above 18 degrees.

~Vending machine coffee and hot chocolate are a delicacy.


deb said...

Well, if it makes you feel a bit better, I was at a friend's house last week and her boy's hockey gear was spread out all over her front sidewalk and she apologized for the stench as we walked by. Course he's an 8th grader so practice is probably required 365 days/year by then huh?

All sports have become stupid. Soccer players shouldn't have to attend trainings in January either. It's just wrong.

Fun list you made though! You should send it to David Letterman.

Kerri said...

Well, is year round with the spring league, summer camps..but winter hockey starting in Aug. is insane.
Let's get our flute things out and lead all the poor children out of this land into our own nirvana world where they eat ice cream and gum drops and play until dusk and sleep till noon.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the you on the whole nirvana land thing. I, once again, am doing no fall sports....You are a better mom than I and I hope your kids know it. Chloe - you read this don't you? I'm sure you know how awesome your mom is....

-Mario's mom

Anonymous said...

Yeah she is pretty cool...
can we realy do the ice cream thing?
it sounds like fun!!!

Anonymous said...

(om stands for oh my!)

Anonymous said...

this is an answer to your question about the dolls......the funky dolls stand for our family... going from left to right, top to floor..
the goat is audrey, the pig is ben, the sheep are friends, the girl on the left is me, the boy is jackson, the chicken is daisy, the lady is mom and the man is dad!

Skittles said...

cool. thats crazy that hockey starts in AUGUST!!!! i thought it was weird that soccer starts before school starts!

deb said...

Wait a minute, why are Audrey & Ben farm animals & the rest of you are people? I want to register a protest on their behalf.