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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mobile Babies

A first time mom reads all the baby handbooks, questions her friends, scans the internet parenting sites ALL to find out how soon her little bamboosa will start to crawl.

The picture of a cute scuttling infant merrily scooting around a room, content now to reach his toys on his own, or bring his smiling self over to his just can't happen soon enough!

A fourth time mom knows better. She knows that a mobile baby means she must constantly scan the floor for chokables, pencils, wads of dog hair that her baby will get to and eat. She knows that she now must haul the baby on her hip, set him down in the center of the room and get the necessary work done in timed increments of about 7 seconds. She then will pause, stop the baby from pulling up to a standing position by his hands and newly cut teeth, and move him again to a safe area and get her second, third and fourth 7 second installments in.

So Baby Benjamin is now the mobile baby. His preference is the army crawl, but he also does this funny hopping thing where he starts on his hands and knees and then pushes by his arms, lifts both knees off the floor and gets a little forward hop. He is also pulling up on everything, letting go with one hand......screams with glee.....lets go with two hands and then topples to the ground.

Mobile babies are cute, but oh so much trouble!


Kerri said...

mobile baby is the explaination as to WHY I haven't been blogging. Just to get this in, I have Chloe entertaining him.

Skittles said...

stop growing until i see you ben!

Shelly said...

I hear ya there! With Maria I wanted everthing early. With Michael - as late as possible and still be healthy and developing normally is what I prefer!

If I ask Michael what he has in his mouth? He sticks his tongue out so I can see the piece of paper or whatever, turns, and tries to outcrawl me.