Maybe God wishes to teach me a thousand new things, move me from being in a thousand different directions to just ONE, and show me a thousand reasons to BLESS his name. Maybe that is why He moved me 1,000 miles away.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do a bad job of it.

I don't think I clearly realize how true this is....and I may deny it to myself when the clarity does strike.....but I frequently DON'T do what I want to do simply because I believe I don't have the time to do a great job at it.

So this week, I am going to do stuff -- and do a bad job of it. I'll do it to my best, but be okay with it turning out...well....bad!

Here is what I will do a bad job of this week and be okay about:

1. Write a bad post on blog (hey! I accomplished that already).

2. Exercise for less time than planned and with less intensity than I'd like to.

3. Read to Audrey when I'm too tired to make fun voices for all the characters.

4. Kindof clean the bathrooms.

5. Finally finish the video montage' from our summer visit to MN.

The all or nothing approach is a form of perfectionism (ick! I'm a perfectionist?) and perfectionism is one of the results of pride. So, time for some humility and no more putting off a job until I can do it just right.


Pam said...

Letting expectations and perfection go can be a challenge.

My feeling is to accomplish what I can (rather than nothing at all). Perfection always leads to disappointment and failure to see what did go right or well.

Keep doing good and worthy things!

RealMom4Life said...

On our cautionmomsatplay blog I post my weekly Small Successes list. (Links back to faithandfamily's small successes page) Anyway, at the end of the week I like to look back and find just 3 small things I accomplished. And they are all very small sometimes. But it reminds me that I do accomplish something.

But - maybe we do set our expectations too high! We are pulled in so many directions at the same time - we can only do our best.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing how your week went!


RealMom4Life said...

well, how did it go?