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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What kids should do when they are bored

Summer is officially here. I have a goal for the next 2 weeks.....I want it to feel like summer. I want my kids to come up to me and say, "Mom, I'm bored...what can we do?" For which I will reply, "Well, there is a whole house full of things and a yard out there and if you can't find something to do then I'll find something for you". Which all former kids know means..."I'll give you a chore".
Now, when kids get bored, for-real bored, they do sometimes get extra chores because they do things like pick on each other, or draw with sticks on the car, or use up a roll of tape on their face. So, how about helping me think of some GREAT summer chores....just in case they are needed.

1. clean up dog poop (my favorite to dole out).
2. sort socks from the pile of socks that haven't found their mate in weeks.
3. clean out the car (another dandy).
4. sweep every inch of the house (we have all hardwood floors -- this could take a while).
Please contribute to my list. I promise my kids will never know who was responsible for the horrible chore they were assigned. Well, Chloe reads this blog so she may look at you sideways for a while but Jackson and Audrey will remain oblivious.


deb said...

Hmmm..let's see...
- clean bathrooms
- run the dog around the block a few times
- give mom a 30 minute back/foot massage
- make mom's bed for a week
- bring mom a frappicino on ice whenever she requests one
(I'm beginning to detect a theme..)

pw said...

-mowing (SH does this in our house!)
-washing windows
-junk mail eliminator
-weeding (endless)
-baby walker
-general picker-upper (dole out a bag/laundry basket and have kid pick up everything laying on the floor in a specific room(s)
-wipe counters in kitchen and bath
-sort out expired medicine (do not ingest ;P
-sort outside toys, put 'em away
-de-clutter own clothes, sort for giving away
-help cook
-trim hedges
-milk the cow...I dunno, that's about all I can think of.

Dept. of Children & Family Services said...

Forcing children to do slave labor is not an appropriate form of discipline (or "loving guidance" as we prefer). This blog has been flagged for further investigation.

Jessica said...

- sort all books according to color
- change mind
- sort all books according to size
- change mind
- sort all books alphabetically by author
- change mind
- sort all books alphabetically by title
- change mind
- sort all books according to number of pages
- change mind
- sweep up pile of burned book ashes

Kerri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Who flagged your blog, wow.....
No No No!
I will not do these chores!

Skittles said...

This is not actually a chore, but whenever we ask my dad what we should do, he says, "Pick your nose," or the ever popular, "Hit each other on the head with a stick."

Anonymous said...

Ha! My Dad's fav. : sit on the couch and stare at eachother all day long and don't do anything.

but as for those choes, Chloe, i used to wish you could take me home with you forever, but now...

Anonymous said...

haha - great ideas - I'll pass some on soon...but, bow I know why my blog frequenting Mario didn't tell me there was something new here.....That's a first!

pw said...

Was that Dept of Children & Family comment for real? I don't think I read anything about "slave labor".

Someone, let me off the hook....

deb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Department of Children & Family Services said...

PW, our Blog Surveliance Department spends countless hours perusing the internet searching for offensive content. Our combined 6000 sociology classroom hours makes us more knowledgeable on parenting issues than anyone who actually has children can ever be.

Ok, ok I confess. This is really a somewhat demented attempt at humor. It's also blog revenge. :D

Kerri said...

silly sister!

Anonymous said...

No kid wants to do chores

Anonymous said...

I dont think kids should do chores. It stinks. If a kid is bored how would a chore make them less bored. It would just make them twice as bored.

Kerri said...

yeah, well kids have to do all kinds of things they don't WANT to do, just like every other kind of human.

Anonymous said...

AS IF.....mor lyk prank sum1
stick a coin 2 the
ground +watch ppl tryin 2
pic it up
myk a dodgie shoppin
list leave it on the
floor an watch nosey ppl
readin it :)

KathyO said...

May I have permission to use the photo of the family doing chores? It would work perfectly for a video being produced for our Bureau County (IL) Historical Society. Thanks.