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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Boring week was a huge success!

The kids had a great time with Boring Week. They made a huge slip and slide out of the old tarp that Roy used in our old backyard to line the ground for the ice rink. They made boats out of whatever and tried to float them. They played Pirate Life. They played Indians in the backyard, caught fire flies, and danced with bats.

This week and next week are FUN SUMMER week! Jackson and Audrey both are celebrating their birthdays these weeks, and we have a couple fun things planned besides.
This week we plan on attending the Kutztown Folk Festival. Looks like a pretty fun time. I hope we are there for the reinactment of a nineteenth century hanging. I guess that should be interesting.... They have a hanging three times daily so we should be able to make one of them. George Washington and Ben Franklin will also be there (not at the hanging, I think they are at a different stage). I also can attend a seminar on how to talk like a dutch pennsylvanian. I think I will definately attend that one. We also plan on heading out one morning to the Philadelphia Zoo.

I'm looking forward to some good times out of the house, and putting an end to Boring Week; we will not meet again until mid August when I will bring it back out of hiding so that I can work on school stuff for the coming fall.

Fun week, we welcome you.


deb said...

So, people are milling around laughing & having festive fun at the fair. Then it's time to gather at the gulliotine to watch someone get hung. Then back to the corn dogs until 2:00 when someone else hangs.

Weirdest thing I've ever heard of & I can see why George & Ben might want to distance themselves from this. Ha!! Can't wait to see the pics!!

deb said...

Ooops, a gulliotine is what's used to chop off people's heads. bad (as the young folks say). I think I meant gallows..right?

how embarassing...:{

Skittles said...

nice come-back mom

Anonymous said...

Oh, and i always wanted to see a fake hanging! (how fast is UPS? i may be able to get there)

Happy B-day Audrey 'n' Jackson!