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Monday, February 23, 2009

There are no short cuts to good parenting

I needed to go to the grocery store to pick up some necessary staples. I brought Benjamin with and he was not in the mood. As he kept lunging for different things, I let him play with a candy bar. I figured I'd buy it and in a moment of weakness I'd eat it, or put it in my "prize stash" for the kids. Benjamin was so happy, I knew I couldn't take away that shiny metalic wrapper yet. So, I put him in the car seat and away we drove.

Very strange noises were coming from the back seat. Benjamin sounded so elated -- it was a euphoric sound I have NEVER heard before. I checked him in the rear view mirror. The noises continued so I checked him again. It was then I noticed that somehow the wrapper completely unwrapped and he was munching on the chocolate and caramel coated cookie goodness. My arm never snatched anything away so quickly before, and Benjamin never howled so loudly before.

Chloe was suprised when we entered the house: Benjamin's face was covered in chocolate and as Chloe stated, "He smells just like Hershey's Chocolate World."

Ah, well...he survived.

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Shelly said...

So, maybe for his 1st birthday you can skip the cake and just buy him a candy bar. It'll be easier and he'll obviously be thrilled!