Maybe God wishes to teach me a thousand new things, move me from being in a thousand different directions to just ONE, and show me a thousand reasons to BLESS his name. Maybe that is why He moved me 1,000 miles away.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I am homesick. I want to see my family and friends and watch my kids play with their pals who are as familiar as siblings to them. I want to see familiar places and hear familiar sounds. I want a little reprieve from the effort it takes to be new to everything and everyone I encounter. There is lots of excitement in moving, but there are the days where it just can't be shaken off how much one misses the dearest people in their lives. Just wanted all my blog-fans to know that despite the cheery posts and animated expressions of our are all thought of and missed and loved...especially tonight.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kerri, we miss you guys so much too. I thought we'd "adjust" by now, but we haven't. We miss your kids running through the house along with our own. We miss having another mom in the cul-de-sac when the kids are playing. We miss your kids playing out there too. The excitement is gone - we are trying to create our own. We miss you when we look out the window at your old house But, although our lives have changed significantly, we still have a lot of constants, and you do not. Then I am sad for you and the kids. We are really hoping to see you guys soon. The kids are really working hard to save plane fair.

Anonymous said...

P.S. By the way, you have certainly had an impact on this mom. We are slowing down and enjoying life a little more. We are playing April Fools tricks, playing outside instead of making dinner. We are all a better family for having known you, and we won't let the friendships stop just because of a move. Thank you! - Shelly (play sad music now.)

Skittles said...

i miss you guys so much too! sometimes i will think that it would be fun to have you guys over soon but then i remember you are in PA. but thats ok cuz i will hopefully see you soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, stop it, you're gonna make me cry, and that would be bbbbaaaadddd.

deb said...

If you ever see a big blue van with MN plates pull up outside your house in the middle of the night, and you and your children are gently taken from your beds & placed in the cozy van, don't be scared. Just go along with it. :)

Kerri said...

These comments are so nice.
Shelly, it is very mutual what our families got from each other. We miss you guys so much, Our house feels empty and in the need of many westrich kids running around. If I say more, I'll be crying, and I need a good night sleep tonight!

Deb, if that van drives up it will find a secret stash of ready packed suitcases in the hall closet at the top of the stairs. Arrangements for the pets have been made, come and take us away!