Maybe God wishes to teach me a thousand new things, move me from being in a thousand different directions to just ONE, and show me a thousand reasons to BLESS his name. Maybe that is why He moved me 1,000 miles away.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh the Places you'll Go, The People you'll Meet

While we were strolling down Autumn Avenue,

Wondering where we should go and what we should do,

We happened to walk near a home of a man

who was selling haute dogs and soda in a can

and hanging from branches were coats of all sizes

large ones and small ones and some that'd won prizes.

An extra large table had shirts galore

and behind it stood a man, running his store.

I ventured a greeting, and he shook my hand tightly.

He said, "Nice to meet you doll" and took me back, slightly.

He looked over our group and saw a strong boy

and sized him right over with eyes quick and coy.

"Ya play sports, there laddy? Now do ya?" He quizzed.

The boy said, "yeah," his head started to whizz.

When he learned the boy did, he strongly declared,

With a chest puffed with pride and teeth boldly bared,

"you's come here anytime, and play with my boys

We love to play sports and have all the toys"

We chatted a moment, then left the yard sale

There was nothing we left with except this fine tale

Of the man down the street who nicknamed me doll,

and called my son laddy....quite strange to us all.


Jessica said...

This poem is so great, Kerri! You paint a perfect picture of him. A lovable, big hearted, un-selfconscious stranger. As you say, "quite strange to us all." I love those kind of people - the ones who like you and want you around without knowing a thing about you. I love it! Thanks for posting the story.

Skittles said...

very beautiful and touching story, auntie ker. you should be a poet. have you ever gone back there?

apparently you don't go to my blog very often cuz im not on your daily blogs! i feel rejected! :0

Kerri said...

skittles, I check your blog all the time! It's a favorite of mine :)
I didn't post yours because it's a private blog and I didn't want to frustrate everyone who wishes they were on your invitation list.

Yours is the coolest!

deb said...

Your quaint little story did bring me a smile
And made me think I should go walk for a while
For as a gal looking down the barrel of forty
I think that I'd relish being called "doll" or "sporty"

Kerri said...

I must say, the people we've met here have been colorful, delightful, kind, generous, and simply a treat!

I have taken to calling Jackson, "Laddy" now...I rather like it.