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Friday, April 25, 2008

Why your five year old shouldn't drink coffee

Audrey loves Frappuccinos. She used to have a couple sips of mine, but now I don't drink them anymore. At walmart she asked if she could have one and I was in a "yes" mood. She brought it home and I told her she may only drink about 1/3 of the bottle. Well, when you are 39 pounds, perhaps 3 ounces of coffee is a wee bit more than one can handle. She fell asleep around 3:45am.
I learned my lesson and will not have another "yes" day for quite a while.


Jessica said...

Wow! I would love to see footage of that! Was she silly and crazy or was she more edgy and cranky? I like the cartoon bubble in my mind.

Kerri said...

oh! thankfully she was giddy and happy. Frustrated that she couldn't sleep, but happy to chat with me in bed and tell me stories and listen to story tapes and such. Audrey really doesn't get cranky. I should try to be a little more like her. Well, if I could drink a frappuccino, I'd be a little less cranky, but I have to give up milk for the well-being of Benjamin's digestive system.

Anonymous said...

ok, so this goes with the pic of the fish.
WOOOHOOOO Jackson! how big was it?
Maria and John (i think, i didn't ask, just put his name here)

deb said...

Well, I've learned from my coffee loving child that they are just as happy with decaf. Next time, take the child to Caribou & shell out $4.00 for a cooler. She'll be hooked. Then she & Jenna can work on breaking their Caribou addictions together.

Skittles said...

i can just imagine that! ive only seen audrey really crazy a couple of times and mostly when she gets a bag of m&m's at an ice show!