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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

baby counts by twos

Midnight, two, four, six....

He may be a genius, but he is wearing me out!
Benjamin has taken to waking up and needing food every 2 hours. This has been going on for about three weeks now. Could be that he is over 17 pounds and not yet 4 months. He is also biting his fist all the time and drooling....a tooth is on it's way.

At any rate, I'm not exactly finding his counting by twos quite as novel as when Audrey started doing it at 3 years old.

Perhaps it is time for Earth's Best Brown Rice baby cereal. I'm thinking I'm getting some from the store today. Or I could grind up some steak for him.


deb said...

Did ya mush up some steak for him tonight? Ya know, a fool proof way to get a good nights sleep is a dash of Benadryl.

KIDDING! JUST KIDDING! (hope that dept. of family services lady isn't hanging around).

Anonymous said...

I think she still is!!!!!!!!!!!!

pw said...

17 pounds? He's nearly as heavy as our 3 year old, G-girl.

I vote for Brown Rice mixed with a protein shake.

More! More!

Licorice said...

hey auntie ker! can you tell audrey that it looks like shes doing really good at little gym? and tell her that casey really misses her!