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Friday, September 19, 2008

I love Fridays, because we spend the first 1/2 of the day on our school lessons, and the second half exploring historical places, or nature walking, or working on a project. The Museum of Indian Culture was a perfect end to our week of studying early American Indians. Above is a picture of the quaint home which has been transformed into a small exibit area for displaying artifacts and examples of the Northeastern Forest Indians. It is situated on the Little Lehigh Creek which is the same creek that runs through our neighborhood. It is a picturesque setting, as you can tell.

Audrey spent most of the time listening to the museum man. He had lots of American Indian facts to share. We were the only visitors, and I think he was happy to have three polite children to share all his knowledge with. After our indepth tour, I felt that the kids had more knowledge of the early American Indian and all the possible theories of how they first came to the Americas and who they may be related to than most college students.
After we left the museum, we went for a walk down to the creek. Jackson brought his rod and was ready to catch a trout. He didn't catch a trout, but on a day like today, one hardly notices such a loss.
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Skittles said...

Love the new look!

2and2is6 said...

wow Kerri- what beautiful pix and notes- sounds like the dream homeschoolers life-I love the Friday idea- so cool that you get to take advantage of all the history out there. Your blog is wonderful and thanks so much for giving a glimpse into your lives! Hope to chat with you this week- Jordyn's been talking about missing Chloe all week! Love you guys!Lori

Mario said...

Thanks - we needed that post here too. Great idea about Fridays! You have so much history out there. I'm sure there are places around here we have yet to discover - but they are getting hard to find.

Mario said...

OK - somehow I logged on as my praying mantid lovin' daughter - the above comment certainly didn't sound like Maria did it?

Kerri said...

Been wondering how school is going for you! Are you doing american history?
The days are so packed with teaching 3 and a baby to boot -- we need fridays to be a reward for all the hard work. I NEED FRIDAYS as a reward!!!
Good hearing from you! We will call you guys this week!

Anonymous said...

Friday rules!