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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Old toys can make the rainy week a little sunnier.

A week ago Chloe went in the basement and brought up her old fisher price big doll house.
She cleaned it up and it is now in the living room serving as a hotel for all of the 63 or so pet shop toys. It has been a rainy week, but hardly noticed by Audrey (and Chloe and even Jackson -- what a brother!) who have all had some "fun" playing pet shops. Even Benjamin likes to take the bunny out of the mini van and turn it over and spin the wheels. Yeah for Chloe for making old toys feel like new again!
13 and 11 year olds put quite a creative spin on the game with their interesting imagination...but Audrey outdoes them all with her zany-ness and we all have to sit back, laugh and wonder where she got it from......


Mario said...

Wow, Jackson, you're amazing, I don't know how you do it sometimes (yes, I know he doesn't read this)

And hmm... I wonder where she got it.... I'm not even gonna say:)

deb said...

The Fisher Price dollhouse..good times. Ours was sold in a garage sale (along with the 3000 accessories) and is hopefully being loved by someone.

However I will never, ever sell the Fisher Price farm. No way no how.