Maybe God wishes to teach me a thousand new things, move me from being in a thousand different directions to just ONE, and show me a thousand reasons to BLESS his name. Maybe that is why He moved me 1,000 miles away.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

in the land of regulations...

Each town tells people what day and times you can go trick or treating.
Some trick or treat on Oct. 25, some Nov1. We are lucky this year and get to trick or treat on halloween since it is on a friday.
I guess you have to look at this website to see when your town "schedules" trick or treating.

Really, why did things have tobe made so complicated? Roy overheard some moms at his office making plans on which neighborhoods to hit on what day so their kids could get triple the loot. Now, here is ONE instance where over-regulation actually benefits the kids. However, this means that the distribution of candy could be a much higher again the average pennsylvanian pays a higher price. I better stock up on at least double my usual candy stash. I'll make sure to get lots of little twix and snickers bars just incase I over buy. This way, there will be no waste. yum.


Jessica said...

okay...i'm sorry if this is offensive, but this is the third, no, fourth really depressing thing i have heard today! on these grounds alone, i will never, ever move to PA...I might visit...yes, i surely will visit, but i will never visit during the last week of october. my brain is exploding slowly as i try to process this madness.

deb said...

That's crazy, but like I told you on the phone it's not the first time I've heard of such insanity.

I wish you could somehow find the rationale behind the ordinance (or whatever). Trick-or-treating was probably once rescheduled back in 1929 because of a freak blizzard or something, and no one has bothered to change the rule. That's my theory anyway.

pw said...

Hold on, let me pick my mouth off the floor.

Kids are already thrown into such silly rigidness...must we have more?

Enjoy the snickers. You'll need some yourself after this.

Kerri said...

just look at my lovely fall pictures and the friendly deer and change your mind about coming to PA. Besides, we offer free food and lodging to lure company!

Jessica said...

yes, yes!! of course I will visit, just not during the Halloween "season"

Shelly said...

In the infamous words of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse 0 "wow, that's just about all she could say - wow"

PA is incredibly strange - why is it that both you and Lare moved there!?

Skittles said...

wow thats crazy. random, but i'm listening to hsm3!!!!!