Maybe God wishes to teach me a thousand new things, move me from being in a thousand different directions to just ONE, and show me a thousand reasons to BLESS his name. Maybe that is why He moved me 1,000 miles away.

Friday, October 10, 2008


My sister tagged me. I am participating out of love for her...and out of respect for my elders.

Here are the 6 random things to know about me:

1. I can perfectly impersonate the entire twiddle bug family (think Sesame Street the early years).

2. In the late 80's I had so much hair...which I spiral permed...that I couldn't comb it even with a pick so my secret was I never ever combed my hair...ever.

3. While this is not even close to the fame my older sister earned, my picture was published twice in a teen devotional book, and I was a background singer in one song in a recording for a band that I think is still out there somewhere.

4. My nerd qualities: I like the old star trek the best, and second I like Star Trek the Next Generation, I play ancient civilization war simulation games on my computer, and I really like learning about birds.

5. I am a podcast sermon junkie. My favorites are: John Piper, James McDonald, Alistar Begg and Way of the Master Radio.

6. I can spot quite a few constellations in the sky..the only thing I really remember from any of my college courses.


deb said...

What's this about being a background singer?!? I loved your thoughtful, pensive devotional book picture. I can still see it in my minds eye. Your fame will live forever, while mine was fleeting & only witnessed by a few.

deb said...

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?

Kerri said...

That is GREAT!!!! Ha! I'm Laughing outloud! Please send me the picture so I can update my blog with your picture as well! That is, if you want to be a part of my freak show...I mean fun show in vegas!!!!!