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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A nice lady? You decide.....

Grocery shopping with Benjamin isn't easy. Today I was trying to unload my cart contents onto the counter and a kind lady saw me struggling to reach the bottom of the cart while holding Benjamin. "May I help you get your things out?" she asked. "Why yes, that would be NICE!" I replied. She then made the following comment: "Oh, I know what it is like being PREGNANT."

Oh. She thought I was pregnant.

Now, I was awkwardly bending backwards while carrying a rather large baby which may have caused my post pregnancy belly to perhaps pooch out more than normal.....and I do have 10 pounds left to get to my pre-benjamin weight, but PREGNANT?

Well, it was nice to have the extra help. The comment didn't stop me from ripping open a bag of mini snicker bars for trick or treaters and take out 4.

However, I will be certain to keep my running appt. with Carla this week, and I may start up some crunches!

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deb said...

I already told you that lady's crazy. Having been on both side of that scenario, I'm really not sure which is worse. I actually think I felt worse being the "pregnancy assumer" because I knew I had ruined someone's day (or week), so it was very nice of you not to tell the lady her mistake.

But really, you look great & NOT prego. Thanks for inspiring me to hit the treadmill tonight though! :)