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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A toaster is not a toy.

I was trying to get Benjamin down for his nap this afternoon when I smelled a strong, smokey scent. I was in my bedroom which is upstairs, way down the hallway. The smell was so strong, and along with the hazy smoke in the air I believed that something was indeed on fire. I interrupted Benjamin who was nearly asleep and ran to the hallway, "What is on fire?!?" I asked as a million thoughts flew through my mind. "Nothing. Jackson is burning toast on purpose," said Chloe.

True, Jackson was re-entering a piece of bread over and over again to see how burnt he could make it. The entire house was filled with smoke and the smell was intense. He was opening all the windows and had a pretty smelling candle lit trying to freshen the air. I wasn't happy. Benjamin wasn't happy. Jackson had a good talkin' to and was given a crabby baby to play with and entertain for his punishment. I thought it fit the crime well.


deb said...

HA! That's a great story & it made me smile. The best part was how he was trying to freshen the air while he filled it with a thicker blanket of smoke. And how Chloe let him carry on his experiment, probably periodically rolling her eyes at him. Great story!

You have proved yourself a true blogger as well. Always thinking of the next post with a camera ready. Way to go!

deb said...

Oh wait, I see that the photo is not your toaster after all but a random one you found online.


Shelly said...

You got a chuckle from here as well. What is it that makes kids do something like that? I can just imagine you standing there looking at him and not knowing what to say other than WHY?

Well, I guess he did find out what would happen (not to the toast - but from the mom............)

And... I like the punishment - I've used that one myself.

Shelly said...

I'm with Jackson. what did happen? how long till he burned up every crumb of the toast?


deb said...

Does the winner of the burnt toast poll get a prize?

Kerri said...

Well, it still smells like burnt toast in the house.
I'll try to think of a prize, but I still have to send the post cards from the last contest. Actually, I just remembered after reading your comment. HA!

Skittles said...

thats really funny! i laughed when i read this. thats just like something jackson would do!

Kerri said...

Yeah, really funny.
Today Chloe went outside and fetched from a shrub a chunk of that toast to show me how burnt it got. It was like a piece of coal.
Jackson got worried I guess when it was pouring black smoke so he chucked it outside. He thought I'd feel sorry for him when he told me that he almost burnt his little juvenile delinquent fingertips when handling it.
What a kid...