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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sometimes this is how monday goes

After a busy week with the folks and a busy weekend with hockey, errands, housework and such, we enter our MONDAY.

Unprepared for the week ahead, I decided we would do math, reading, science and a field trip to Hawk Mountian.

I should have known....when I came into the kitchen around 8:30am to find Jackson and Audrey playing with Benjamin's new Little Tykes Tool Bench (garage sale $5.00!) fixing some sort of imagined water leak that this was a day to just leave a lone. But after our scheduled week vacation last week, I felt compelled that school today must go on.

And so the day goes.....

Math had to be cancelled, as our computer decided NOT to work. This computer (not the one I'm using right now but the Dell computer) is a nemisis. For those who do not speak greek, a nemisis is the greek goddess of retributive justice...but often the word is used to depict a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent. Well, for those of you who know my relationship with my Dell computer, you'd agree that he/she is definately meeting this description. So, I'll call it so in front of the kids and there will be vocabulary and review of ancient greek history for the day.

Hawk Mountain was cancelled, because Chloe woke up with a headache, sore throat, and felt dizzy. Not a good day for a hawk migratory trail hike. Bummer. Here we have an opportunity to practice our character study trait for the month: hospitality. Everyone can now stay home and show care toward Chloe.

Science went ok, but Benjamin's excema broke out all over his neck and chest (I contribute it to major drool...I suppose it is time for the 5th tooth) and he was cranky and crying. I couldn't get Jackson to focus as most of his thoughts kept going back to what a bummer it is to not have $77.00 to buy a Ripstik. He did do math thoughout science as he kept figuring out how many jobs at what cost were needed to get his current $42.00 to grow to the needed amount. He figures that in 2 weeks and me contributing $2.00 he can get the ripstik. I think he is dreaming.

We learned about the sun and how it really contains all the colors of the rainbow, and that light travels in straight lines, but colors have different length waves in them and the light that bounces to our eyes is what color objects are and when Jackson asked me if things would still be the color they are if no one was there to look at them and I didn't have an answer....I decided that this Monday would have to go into the vault of Mondays to Forget.


Skittles said...

i LOVE reading about your guys' life!!! you need to do a post like this every day! hows chloe doin? is she ok?

Jessica said...

yikes...tomorrow is another day.

i do enjoy how the rest of us have been educated though as a result of your ill behaved computer...i never knew that about the word nemesis.

Jackson really does say the most amazing things sometimes.

Downingtown Mom said...

HI, Kerri! Ella has excema too and I am wondering what you use on Benjamin's. Our ped doc (one of those natural type people) told me to use Bag Balm. Bag Balm comes in a green tin and was actually originally used for cows but it works great on Ella's skin as well. However it still leaves some of the redness so I am wondering if you have something better.
All the best,

deb said...

Eh..Mondays are Mondays. Never the best day of the week. Tell Benji that he has grown plenty of teeth for now & can take a break. We know he's great, he has nothing more to prove. :)

Shelly said...

Why do these types of days always come after scheduled breaks - so you feel like you need to press forward 'cuase you've already taken too much time off? But in reality - it just ain't gonna work without a lot of yelling and stress, etc.

Hope things improve! Ours are slowly..........

Shelly said...

I agree with Skittles, these posts about daily life are actually exciting to the rest of us! A little glimpse into your world!

pw said...

So, if a tree falls down in the forest and no one is around, does it make a noise?

Mario said...

Yeah Kerri! I'm so glad you decided to write about 'life'.
and I have a question to tack onto Jackson's: If it was absulutly pitch black, would there be any color?